Modern Austrian Street Food in Los Angeles

Like most countries in the world Austria has a variety of delicious street food – some of it may be already known to you but some of it may not.

Many “Imbiss” stands are located outdoors and rarely feature a place where you can sit and enjoy your meals. At BierBeisl Imbiss, however, you will find a much higher level of comfort.
With communal seating, a bar featuring Austrian, Czech, German and other international brews, as well as some fine Austrian red and white wines, L.A.’s first “Imbiss” is so much more than just a quick stop for a bite.

What’s an Imbiss?

It is a snack. The term derives from the 9th Century Old High German word, “Imbiz“. These snacks, often smaller than a regular meal and generally eaten between meals, come in a wide variety of forms.

Among the specialties on our menu will be our our award-winning sausages – “Best sausages in L.A. by L.A. WEEKLY” – farm-to-table salads, traditional Austrian sandwiches and pastries… and so much more.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Prost & Mahlzeit
Your BierBeisl Imbiss Team